“Hi, I’d like to req-”
What is your birthdate and year?
“Month month date date year.”

And your full name is…?
“Name name. I’d like to refill
my allergy pills.”

Click clack click. Hmm…You
don’t have refills left. We can
contact your doctor.

“It’s on autofill –
you haven’t already sent
the request over?”

We wait to hear from
the customer when there aren’t
any refills left.

“Then that would be great.”
‘Kay. Two hours later I
contact my doctor.

“Hi, I’m waiting for
a refill request.” I’ve been
out, just one second…

…Alright, I have the
request. I can send it now.
“That’s fantastic, thanks!

I’m going on a trip
tomorrow so I really
appreciate it.”

Skipping ahead an
hour, I decide to call
the pharmacy back.

We are still waiting
on the approval from your
doctor. Annoying.

I call the doctor’s
office and talk to someone
else. I’ll send it now.

“Thank you!” I respond.
I wait two hours then drive
to the store at lunch.

I have one refill
waiting, but hopefully I
can pick them both up.

There is always a
line at my pharmacy – no
joke, every time.

I wait patiently
to buy my refill and ask
about the new one.

Hmmm, no record of
it in the computer. Should
I check the fax though?

In what universe
would I not want you to check
the fax machine?

“Yes, that would be great,”
I respond sarcastically.
She doesn’t notice.

After checking the
fax, she returns to tell me
it hasn’t come through.

I am enraged! All
I want are allergy pills
for <expletive’s> sake!

I’m not trying to
buy meth or anything. [That
might be easier.]

In this online age,
why is it so difficult
to communicate??

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