Dark Dreams


Still recovering
from recent allergy bouts,
today I took a nap.

I dreamt of dark things;
demons, taloned creatures and
possessed clergymen.

I saw in third person –
and I could shoot lightning bolts
from my fingertips.

The goal was to find
some aged spellbook before it
was used by demons.

[Can demons read books?]
I wandered dank hallways in
constant search of it.

Tracking it to a
coffin, I was near the end
when my phone sounded.

Long story short –
Benadryl will provide some
interesting dreams.

Side note: I think this dream was a result of some of the themes in Swamplandia!, which I’m currently reading, and watching my husband play InFAMOUS Second Son last night. But I’m sure the Benedryl helped bring it all together.

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