Thankful Thursday #1


Thankful Thursday is a weekly recurring post I’m starting to thank people in my life. I could write to someone I know personally, an author – anybody that I feel the need to thank that week. It can be in haiku format or just a normal blog post. No rules, just be thankful!

Today I’m writing a haiku tribute to my wonderful husband. Being married to this wonderful man is the sweetest gift for which I could ever have asked.

Abounding talent,
intelligence, quick wit,  and
a beautiful face –

without you I am
utterly lost, adrift on
an uneven sea.

You are what grounds me,
keeps me hopeful in times of
bleak uncertainty.

Success, in your eyes,
is making me laugh or smile –
a pure, simple act.

How I found you before
all the others is one of
life’s great mysteries.

I can only hope
to return a portion of
the joy you bring me.

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