Gift Ideas for the Reader, Writer or Grammarian in Your Life


Since the holidays are upon us, I thought I’d post a little list of gift ideas for any writers or book enthusiasts who may be on your list. I purposely avoided more typical items such as actual books, notebooks, pens and the like. I find the choice of writing tools to be a personal choice. I mean, I love paper products but I find it much easier to write on a laptop or my phone (probably due to the numerous rounds revisions that occur). Others are more traditional but may have a favorite type of notebook, pen, etc. Same thing with reading – I love both my Kindle and physical books but I know people who are firmly on the side of one or the other. If you have a writer or reader on your list here are some (hopefully) unique ideas that don’t involve books, writing implements, or gift cards.

  1. Literary Tote Bags: If your intended giftee likes or needs tote bags – possibly because they don’t like using plastic bags or live in an area with a plastic bag ban, such as Los Angeles – why not give them one of these cool literary-themed totes? All three are available from The Literary Gift Company: click the links for the Borges tote, I Like Big Books… tote, and Carpe Librum tote. There are other styles too – the designs below range from $9.43 to $17.27 each.
  2. Custom Book Wine Glass Charms: If your gift recipient is in a book club that partakes in wine during their meetings, or loves books and regularly hosts parties, this would be a really unique and thoughtful gift! ForClawsAndPaws allows you to customize the book covers so each order is custom-made. Pair with a bottle of their favorite wine and you are all set. $25 for a set of eight charms, plus $1 from each set purchased is donated to a local animal rescue organization!

    Tiny books to keep all those wine glasses straight! Photo by For Claws and Paws.

  3. Book-themed Soy Candles: With scents like “Old Books” (Timber, White Tea, Newsprint, Must), “Sherlock’s Study” (Sweet pipe tobacco, cherry wood and fresh rain) and “Trashy Romance Novel” (Sex on the Beach [peachy] and Love Spell [floral]), Frostbeard Studio is sure to have the perfect candle for the book enthusiast in your life! $6-15 each depending on size.

    Bibliophile Sample Pack of soy candles. Photo by Frostbeard Studio.

  4. Library Check-Out Card Scarf: Available in a variety of colors, this woven linen-like scarf will provide stylish warmth for any book lover! $44 from Cyberoptix.

    Photo by Cyberoptix.

  5. Reading-themed mugs: Nothing goes better with a good book than a lovely cup of coffee or tea (well, except bourbon perhaps…). Book and coffee/tea lovers would love a new mug that displays their reading love to the world and there are a number of cute and clever options from which to choose. Left to right: Go Away I’m Reading mug, $15.64 on The Literary Gift Company. Grammar Grumble mugs, $69.15 for the set of six (or $12.49 each) on The Literary Gift Company. Editing Day mug, $16.00 on Click and Blossom.
  6. Origami Book Holiday Ornaments: Hand-bound miniature books that open into origami stars? I need these for my Christmas tree, stat! A cute and unique hand-made gift the book-lover on your list. $17.79 for a pair from Sprouts Press Designs.

    Open or closed, these would be adorable on a tree or hanging from your bookshelf as holiday decor. Photo by Sprouts Press Designs.

  7. Read Harder V-Neck: Forget all those exercise-related shirts with slogans like “Run Harder”, “Train Faster”, etc – Book Riot knows what’s really important. Get this shirt for anyone who treats reading like a sport! $19.20 on Riot Read (this is a women’s v-neck but there are men’s styles as well.)

    “This book’s not going to read itself!” Photo by Book Riot.

  8. Vintage Typewriter Key Tie Bar, Necklace or Earrings: For the writer (or aspiring writer) on your list, why not give a unique accessory that came from a vintage typewriter? There are multiple styles and keys available – initials or non-letter keys to suit any personality. Left to Right: Typewriter Tie Bar, $14.50 from artsyletters on Etsy. Vintage Typewriter Self-Starter Key Necklace, $43.00 from thekeyofa on Etsy. Typewriter Key Earrings, $32.39 from KfiatekGiftedHands on Etsy.
  9. Respect Punctuation Posters: Tiny Owl Studios has created a series of “Respect Punctuation” poster series that highlights the purposes of different punctuation. Left to Right: The Comma, The Exclamation Mark, The Period. Each print is $18.00 – $54.00 depending on size. 
  10. Book Subscription Box or Mailing: Alright, I said there wouldn’t be books on this list but I guess I lied. I can’t help it, I love books and think most people should read more. But if you are going the book route, here are a few options that are a bit more unique than Barnes & Noble or Amazon gift cards. These independent bookstores and websites offer book subscription boxes or a book of the month by mail.
    1. Powell’s City of Books offers their Indiespensable subscription which sends “the best new books, with special attention to independent publishers… Every six weeks, another installment to read and admire.”
    2. Book Riot has a subscription service called Riot Read which delivers one book per month for $25 (shipping included), plus related articles and a podcast.
    3. Book Riot also collaborated with on a subscription service that is – you guessed it – delivered once per quarter. For $50, Book Riot by Quarterly will deliver a box with a book and items to promote “The Reading Life”. Each quarter’s box is different and the contents are generally a complete surprise.
    4. The Rumpus Book Club sends one currently-unreleased book per month for $25. The club discusses the book online that month and offers a moderated online discussion with the author at the month’s end.
    5. Just The Right Book asks you a few questions to find you – or your gift recipient – a great book monthly. The service is $19.99 per month and if a book isn’t “just right” then it can be exchanged.

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