Thankful Thursday (#2)


Last week I started Thankful Thursday posts, in which I write about someone (or something) for which I’m thankful. I could write to someone I know personally, an author – anybody that I feel the need to thank that week. It can be in haiku format or just a normal blog post. No rules, just be thankful!

Today I’m writing a haiku about my parents. I’m thankful for all the things I’ve learned and inherited from them.

Sending love your way.
It carries across the miles
distance separates.

I’d like to do more –
get coffee, watch some movies,
if we were closer.

I miss you often
but I’m grateful for time shared –
just wish there was more.

Everything you’ve done
is so appreciated –
more than you could know.

College tuition,
years of musical training –
you offered gladly.

A perfect wedding
to the most amazing man –
you offered gladly.

I inherited
your skeptical attitude,
for which I am glad.

Also love for books,
and writing abilities.
(Too bad no math skills.)

Hope I make you proud.
Your wisdom and caring shaped
who I am today.

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