BookBub’s Ultimate 2014 Book List


If you’ve read this blog at all recently then you know that I’m a huge fan of all the year-end lists of best books! It’s one of the highlights of the year for me – finding out about books I missed and adding them to my own “to read” list. [Not that I need more items on that list – it’s already about 200 books long. I’d have to read only books on my current “to read” list for about four years in order to finish.]

But I digress…

The kind folks over at BookBub compiled a list of the 20 best books of 2014 based on their appearance on other lists. They aggregated selections from 23 “best book” lists and then ranked those selections based on the number of times that they appeared on the lists. The result is an ultra-condensed report of the most highly-admired books from 2014. You can view the list below or click the image to go to BookBub’s website.

Thanks to Annie, my great friend and loyal reader, for the scoop on this!

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