Reading Challenge – Week 1


The first week of the Popsugar Reading Challenge is “a book with more than 500 pages”. To kick this year off right, I’m going back to one of my favorite – and most prolific – authors, Stephen King. King has a number of 500+ page books I could read, but I’ve read a lot of them already. [He’s one of my favorite authors, like I mentioned.] Luckily I had a book waiting for just this occasion – The Talisman.

One version of The Talisman book cover.

Is the talisman the home plate on some baseball field in the sky? I’m not sure what’s going on in this cover. Other editions show a wolf on the side of the road, a crystal ball, and a chess board with one piece so I suppose the talisman could be anything.

I’d never heard of the book until last year, when my dad sent it to me. [I’m so fortunate that he sends me books after he’s read them and that we have a lot of similar tastes in books. Thanks Dad!] The Talisman is a collaboration between King and horror fiction author Peter Straub. I had never heard of Straub previously but it sounds like he writes the types of things I’d be interested in reading – I may need to look up his works for another week of my reading challenge.

Since I don’t have to work until January 5, I’d love to finish this before then so I can get ahead of schedule early in the year. Are you following the Popsugar Reading Challenge (or any others) and, if so, what are you reading?

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