Thankful Thursday (#4)


This is already my fourth Thankful Thursday post, in which I write about someone (or something) for which I’m thankful. It can be in haiku format or just a normal blog post. This week I’m not writing about one person or thing but doing a quick summary of things I loved about 2014, and for which I’m thankful.

As the year winds down
it’s nice to highlight events
that made it unique.

Titanfall released!
I suck at video games
but it’s beautiful!*

Lost sixty-five pounds
to become much healthier –
plus shopping’s more fun!

Moved to a new place.
Again. (I swear we’re nomads.)
This one’s really nice!

Traveled to London –
Benedict was in Boston.
(This could be my meme.)

But seriously,
London is lush green beauty
and fake currency.

Also they use words
differently than we do –
tube, scheme, mind the gap.

Family visits –
Nebraska and Michigan.
Nice to get caught up.

Thanksgiving turkey –
brining is the ultimate!
Fun cooking with mom.

Fifty-seven books!
I can’t believe I beat my goal,
and had a great time!

Started my own blog
reviewing books and writing –
new sense of purpose.

Got new kitchen tools –
lasagna pan, slow cooker,
meat thermometer,

quality chef’s knife,
14-inch mega-skillet –
I am in heaven!

Thousands of moments
with my husband and our dogs –
happy memories.

I hope that you had
a wonderful year as well,
another just ahead!

* Note: I’m biased of course because my husband worked on Titanfall. It’s a really fun, fast-paced game to watch so I imagine it’s incredibly fun to play if you’re not a total fool at video games. Ok, back to the haiku.

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