Overheard at Target


I’m at Target and
ready to check out. No rush –
I pick a slow line.

Sometimes I do this
just to see what’ll happen –
living on the edge!
Just in front of me
is an elderly woman –
conversing with the clerk.

“Sugar-free almond,
that’s what I wanted,” she said.
The clerk flashed his light.

His manager shows.
“Can you get this sugar-free?” –
the manager leaves.

Crumpled produce bags
are pulled from the woman’s purse –
no paid bags for her.

As she sorts her goods
the clerk’s manager returns
with the almond milk.

“Plain sugar-free…no.
I wanted vanilla, please.”
The manager goes back.

“That’s what happens when
your manager don’t listen.”
The clerk thinks he’s wise.

She ignores him – says,
“If the sale shows, I’ll get these”
pointing to candies.

After five minutes –
at least, I lost track somewhere –
the sale’s finalized.

My turn to check out.
“No, I don’t need a bag, thanks.”
Two items rung up.

The manager’s back –
“We’re out of the kind you want.”
She wants money back.

“Can you finish this?”
I mentally ask the clerk.
He bags up my stuff.

“I don’t need a bag.”
“Oh right,” he responds quickly,
still ignoring me.

He’s still focused on
the woman’s situation –
I’m not exciting.

I would like to think
the job I did as cashier
wasn’t that awful.

Unrelated side note:

I saw LaBamba,
trombonist for Conan’s show,
on my way inside.

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