Ideal Protein, Part 2


Time to lose more weight –
back to Ideal Protein’s plan.
It worked well before!

Had to stop last spring
before we went to London –
no diets on trips!

Can’t have carbs or fruit –
they turn to sugar and fat.
(My body loves those.)

Without carb intake
you get into ketosis –
burning fat, not carbs!

Getting more fit is
something I look forward to –
worth some sacrifice.

About 30 pounds
left until I reach my goal –
new me, here I come!

Note: Ideal Protein worked amazingly for me last year! I lost 65 pounds in six months due to the nature of ketogenic diets, which lower your overall calories but keep your protein level where it should be so that you aren’t losing muscle mass. That said, I’m not a doctor – you should check with your doctor before embarking on any new weight loss plan. The link to Ideal Protein above isn’t a referral link and I earn no compensation for discussing the program, I just found that it works for me.

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