Abandoned Book: Bark


Well, we’ve come to a day where I’ve discovered a book that I know early on I don’t want to finish. While in my youth I might have considered this a failure on my part, I’ve come to realize that every book isn’t right for every person.

Despite the fact that Bark was featured on a few “Best of 2014” lists and sounded interesting, it just didn’t draw me in and make me want to continue. I wanted to scream at Ira throughout the first story, Debarking, because the woman he’s trying to date is crazy. It’s like screaming at the TV during a horror movie – they can’t hear you but you want to help them out anyway. Debarking also felt really dated with all the references to Bush, post-9/11 and the Iraq war. I’ve never read anything by Moore before and she’s supposed to be an amazing short story writer. Perhaps these are leftovers to complete a contract or something; she apparently hasn’t published a book of short stories in 15 years.

There’s no point in just sticking with a book – especially when you can tell you won’t enjoy it so early on – just for the sake of a reading challenge. Even though Bark is relatively short, it’s still time deducted from my life. So I’m putting it aside and I’m alright with that.

Have you read Bark? If so, did you enjoy it? Am I completely missing something?

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