Wednesday’s Word (#7)


Time for another installment of Wednesday’s Word, the blog series where I share the meanings of words that are fun to say, relate to my mood, or both. (In case you missed them, here are my previous Wednesday’s Word posts.)

The word I’ve chosen for this week has a nice mouth feel but definitely corresponds more to my overall mood. This week’s word is…

a view or contemplation of death [as defined by]

I’ve been thinking a lot about death lately. My grandfather is in poor health and doesn’t seem to have much longer. While I know passing will probably be better for him (he’s in so much pain) it still makes me sad. I’ll be in the middle of something – doing the dishes, for example – and have a memory of him from my childhood suddenly come to mind. It’s made me contemplate life and death a lot in recent days.

In a related note, tell the people you love that you love them!

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