Thankful Thursday (#7)


Another Thursday means I have a new chance to express my gratitude and thankfulness – here’s a new Thankful Thursday post. This week I wanted to take a moment to write about how thankful I am for the memories with my grandfather and getting to speak with him recently. His health is rapidly deteriorating so he’s been on my mind a lot this week.

Thinking back to days
long ago when I was young,
memories with you.

Taco Bell visits:
for you, salad; me: tacos –
and cinnamon crisps.

Backyard excursions:
hunting frogs under your deck
and the grass around.

Trips to the golf course:
maintain site of the golf ball.
I felt important!

Annual photos
under the grape-vined trellis,
’til you moved away.

Tennessee visits –
exploring this brand new world
with you and Audrey.

I dragged you to watch
TMNT: II with me.
(Hope I’m forgiven!)

Time comes for us all,
and it seems that yours is near –
I hope it’s peaceful.

Glad we got to speak
one more time before you go –
I love you, grandpa.

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