Thankful Thursday (#8)


Another Thursday means I have a new chance to express my gratitude and thankfulness – here’s a new Thankful Thursday post. This week I want to write about how thankful I am for my overall health and weight loss.

I usually post these in the morning but I got home late last night because I had to go to the office yesterday. The office is 65 miles (one way) from our apartment and that usually equals about two hours on the road in each direction. [Los Angeles traffic, you will probably never get a Thankful Thursday post!]

But I digress…

I’m not the fastest
or most coordinated –
but I have a gift.

I’m very healthy –
cholesterol, blood pressure
and heart are great!

High blood sugar loomed
in September of last year –
in a great range now!

Looking forward to
having 20 fewer pounds
for walks, runs and hikes!

But aside from weight,
I’m grateful for use of all
limbs, joints and muscles.

Take care of yourself –
you only have one body
so use it wisely!

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