Buried Faces


Buzz! Pull out your phone.
Someone left a new comment –
better check it out.

Look! Pete added pics
from his trip to Jamaica –
I should take a look.

This new fitness blog
has a bunch of great advice –
bookmark for later.

New email from work.
It’s the weekend but I’ll look –
while it’s on my mind.

My crops are ready
to harvest in FarmTown 2 –
I’ll take care of that.

“Here you go. And you,”
the server says, setting plates
in front of us both.

My food looks so good!
I should take a quick photo
for my friends to see!

Now begins the task
of having to make small talk –
can I use my phone?

Buzz! New phone alert.
If my phone alerted me
it must be important.

With technology,
we stay buried within screens
just because we can.

No time to reflect –
that would mean we’d have to think!
Don’t allow boredom.

Are there drawbacks to
overstimulated minds,
never allowed rest?

© Cassie Ehrenberg 2015

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