Thankful Thursday (#9)


Thursday has come around again (how is that possible?) so it’s time for a new Thankful Thursday post. I’m thankful for a number of things at the moment but there are a few I don’t want to jinx – I’ll stick with something safe until next week. I’m currently very thankful for the many opportunities I have to learn and grow in my job.

The company I work for has a fantastic self-education program. With a portion of the budget I have for self-education, I asked for (and received!) a one-year membership to! The site has a lot of great online training modules for a variety of things – web, photography, business topics, design, etc. With my membership, I’ll be able to learn a lot of things that will benefit me in my career! First up, I’m going to start a SQL class because that will help me a ton when I’m trying to connect information in our multiple databases (on multiple servers). We’ll see how that one goes – I might be terrible at it but I’m excited at the prospect of learning new things that I’ll be able to put them to use quickly – while also getting a bit out of my comfort zone!

After SQL, I want to learn a bit of front-end web development with HTML and possibly CSS. I know a bit of HTML already – and I’m really good at Googling things! It would be nice to have a better idea of how to do things without looking up help all the time.

While I’m not anticipating being some kind of secret rock star in programming languages, I work in the web department at my company; knowing how to do these things should help with interactions among my coworkers. Maybe my eyes won’t glaze over quite so much as they’re explaining their rationale behind what they’re working on….

What’s something you’d like to learn more about, job-related or not? Have you taken any steps to accomplish it?

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