Limited Edition Tournament of Books Memo Book from Field Notes


Field Notes, title sponsor of the Morning News Tournament of Books, recently announced a limited-edition ToB memo book free with any purchase from Field Notes. I’ve been thinking that I need to carry more notebooks with me anyway (I usually jot haikus and story ideas in my phone if I’m on the go) so this announcement came at a perfect time! I scrambled over to their store and purchased a three-pack of the original ruled paper memo pads. After adding code ROOSTER to my cart to get the free ToB memo book, I checked out and began waiting for my purchase to arrive. [For reference, I placed the order on the night of Jan. 30, received shipping confirmation on Feb. 3, and received the package on Feb. 6 – pretty quick!]

Each of the original memo books (and the ToB memo book, for that matter) contain 48 lined pages. Field Notes also offers options with plain paper, graph paper and a three-pack that’s a mix of those options. I do best with lined paper since I’m not an arteest – plain paper and graph paper make me anxious!

The exterior of the ToB memo book is a nice red and has the ToB rooster logo on it! (The original memo books are a packing paper brown color and look mostly the same on the front cover, minus the ToB logo.)

Front and back covers of the Field Notes ToB memo book.

Front and back covers of the Field Notes ToB memo book.

The interior back covers of the memo books have some fun facts: information about the Field Notes brand, uses for the memo book, font and binding specifications for the books, and a little 5cm ruler. The ToB version has a list of the contenders in the 2015 ToB instead of the list of uses for the memo book.


Original Field Notes memo book interior back cover on left; 2015 Tournament of Books memo book interior back cover on right.

The kind people at Field Notes (or the North May Co. who manage their shipping and fulfillment) also threw in a Field Notes branded pencil and year-at-a-glance calendar, which were nice little touches!


I think I’m going to hang the calendar up around my desk for practical purposes. It looks pretty handy! I wish I had a pencil sharpener for this pencil but I’ll keep it – I’m sure I’ll need one at some point.

I think that Field Notes provides a great product and I’m really happy with my order! I’m going to throw one of the memo books in my purse so I can have one available the next time I need to jot down an idea for a haiku, short story or blog post. If you’re looking for smaller memo books (these are about 5cm tall and 48 pages each) I’d highly recommend this brand. Plus they’re printed and manufactured in the USA!!

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