Thankful Thursday (#10)


I’m so rarely lost,
yesterday I left too quick –
wrong stop on the bus.

I was almost home
but I second-guessed myself –
exited too soon.

Could have got back on,
another bus was coming by –
it was a nice day.
So I left on foot
savoring the sun’s warm glow –
and scent of roses.

Leaves whispered their song,
rattling on the light spring wind –
kept urging me on.

Cyclists whizzed by me,
heading toward a certain goal –
I meandered on.

A rhythmic thud, crunch
of gravel beneath my shoes
alone with my thoughts.

To the left, black cows.
To the right, horses and fowl –
I walk through the farm.

Ahead, a tractor tills
wide rows up and down a field –
readying for spring.

Dead leaves swirl, skitter
up the sidewalk before me –
announce my entrance.

I am home again
but much happier to have
had this small detour.

Today’s ‘Thankful Thursday’ was inspired by exiting the bus too early this morning and walking 1.5 miles home. To be fair, I thought it was just a mile but hey – what’s another half mile beyond that? Going on this unexpected walk was the highlight of my silly day. It was a pleasure to be out in the sunshine! Often the best things in life are the things that aren’t planned. To quote John Lennon, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

One thought on “Thankful Thursday (#10)

  1. Blenda

    So nice….I wish I’d had the opportunity to walk with you.
    Unfortunately, where I am, the high yesterday was 17 degrees. Today’s is supposed to be about 8 !
    Enjoy it for me!!


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