Thursday Thoughts (#1)


I’ve been out and about in the world a bit more recently [I’m not a recluse, I work from home] and I’ve started thinking:

If you encounter a bunch of crazy people wherever you go, does that say more about them or you? Am I going to the wrong places? Or do they flock to me, like hungry mosquitoes at dusk?

For instance, I was at my doctor’s office for a routine checkup the other day. A woman started up a conversation with the three other people in the waiting area while I was trying to read my book. [The other individuals, to my supreme annoyance, engaged with her.]

She spoke very loudly to the room, as if she wanted my attention as well. She was wearing a paper face mask and spoke about her concern that her father – who wasn’t even there – *could* have measles (she was then told by a nurse that the shot would have been mandatory for him when he was younger so nobody needed to worry about it). Then she launched in on stories about having a hobby farm. Since I couldn’t read my book I just started writing down the details.

Am I just an antisocial weirdo for not wanting to talk to face-mask lady in the doctor’s office? You have a mask over your face but let’s not take any chances – please stop talking.

Then there was the woman on the bus last week. I couldn’t see her thought she was almost directly across from me – I was sitting and the bus was quite crowded. She had been talking to herself for a while and abruptly started singing, as if we’d all join in on the tune,

“Does anyone want a knife? Does anyone want a knife?”

It had a pretty melody, like she thought it was a song or was putting the words to a specific song. It just made me think that someone was about to get stabbed. [Nobody was stabbed.] In reality, it was probably a sad situation where she honestly needs some help.

And finally, a very angry young man walked past all the people at the train station on my way home that same day. He is apparently a local rapper and kept shouting about how someone was hating and “trying to get him convicted on felony charges”. [I’m sure because his music is so good.] He yelled some other things into the non-caring crowd and let us all know that he was “turnt up” and walked off, still yelling.

I know I’m not an antisocial weirdo for not wanting to talk to bus lady and rap mogul – anyone singing sweet songs about knives or yelling in public should probably be avoided. But is it just random happenstance or do I tend to see those stories easier than stories of someone being kind to another human? [Or does nobody perform random acts of kindness anymore? I suppose that’s an alternate, and very sad, possibility.]

On that uplifting note – happy Thursday!

Thursday Thoughts is a brand new, randomly recurring shout-out to people I’ve seen being ridiculous in real life. While not as uplifting – or uplifting at all – as Thankful Thursday, it’s sometimes necessary to air the ridiculous things in life.

Thankful Thursday returns next week!

One thought on “Thursday Thoughts (#1)

  1. Blenda

    If I were in a situation where someone started singing about having a knife, it would certainly get my attention!
    You have to be careful in today’s world. When in a questionable area/situation, I do my best to leave it. Don’t panic, but be pro-active and keep yourself safe, not paranoid, but careful.


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