Thankful Thursday (#11)


Walked the dogs tonight –
it was after six o’clock.
Still, the sun was out!

Ahead of me – sunset,
behind me – a full, bright moon.
Caught between two worlds.

“Winter” in LA
is kind of nonexistent
besides the darkness.

A few months ago
it got dark at 4:30 –
we’ve gained two hours!

Though summer is hot
in San Fernando Valley,
I’ll take all the light!

Today’s ‘Thankful Thursday’ is a reflection of being so excited to see the days extended slightly. For anyone who doesn’t live in southern California, I can only imagine how tedious this winter has been. [I mean, I don’t have to imagine too hard – I grew up in Michigan.] That said, “this too shall pass.” Before too long, I’ll write blogs about the insane 8am heat.

Happy Thursday!

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