Adventures in Apartment Hunting


New apartment hunt –
yesterday we drove around
and found a great one!

Close to a Starbucks,
shopping, other eateries –
it seemed so ideal!

Went to the office,
welcomed by some friendly staff –
discussed our options.

Ready for the tour
to see one-bedroom models –
“Just you two?” she asked.

“Just us and two dogs,”
my husband said with a smile.
The woman’s face turned.

“Oh no,” she grimaced.
I wondered what could be wrong –
they were pet-friendly.

“We only allow one,”
she told us, mouth still turned down.
“Could you just bring one?”

My witty husband
replied, “We’ll just put one down.”
Her face was worth it!

How can you ask that?
Would you ask someone with kids
to get rid of one?

Author’s note: I understand that pets aren’t kids but they are family to me. I’m not getting rid of one of them just to move to your apartment complex.

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