Wednesday’s Word (#14)


Happy Wednesday! Since it’s now the midpoint in the week, it’s time for a new post about a fun word I want to share with you!

This week’s word is…

a sequence of real or imaginary images like those seen in a dream (as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary)

On Sunday afternoon, I was driving around near our apartment and saw a man crossing the road ahead. He was walking and leading one horse which had another two horses tied to it (apparently called ponying?).

When I got up to where I had seen them, they were gone. I thought I had lost my mind, or had entered a phantasmagoria. Then I saw them on the other side of the street walking down the sidewalk.

A rider ponies two horses while riding the third.

Image courtesy of Western Horseman. The horses I saw looked a bit like this but the guy was walking the lead horse and they were on a sidewalk. Quite the spectacle!

Since I live in the San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles proper, I was surprised to see horses being led across the street. Granted, we live near the agriculture center at Pierce College so we’ve seen horses nearby, but not walking on the sidewalk! This was a main street so the whole thing felt surreal.

Still, as potential phantasmagorias go, this one was pretty mellow. Have you had any surreal, dreamlike experiences lately?

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