Thankful Thursday (#12)


Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link (below the haiku).

Molded black plastic
LED screen, one button –
simple, yet complex.

You remind me to
get up off my butt and walk

Easy to forget
when you work mostly from home –
need some exercise!

My dogs like it, too.
More time spent walking with them –
more time to explore!

Thank you, Vivofit,
for helping get me on track –
plus great batt’ry life!

Today’s Thankful Thursday is an ode to my Garmin Vivofit. I used to have a Fitbit Flex but bought my husband a Vivofit for his birthday.

I was amazed:

  • The Vivofit has a screen instead of dots!
  • The Vivofit shows you exactly how many steps (and miles) you walked!
  • And it has a clock! (While I don’t care about wearing a watch, having a clock handy while you’re out on a walk–especially on your lunch break or something–is a huge bonus.)
  • Oh, and the battery lasts over a year versus having to be charged weekly.

So I bought a Vivofit after the holidays and it’s made my life much better.

While I won’t normally have a reason to use affiliate links for anything but books, I love my Vivofit and highly recommend it for anybody looking for wearable tech. If you’re interested, check it out on Amazon.

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