Why Not Cassie?

“Why ‘Cassie’? It’s not even a real first name. I mean, if it were short for something, like Cassandra. But as your legal name?” ~ dumb character who makes fake IDs for people on House of Cards.

House of Cards writers:
Who are you to decide what
makes a “proper” name?

There are many names
that are short but legal, too –
why you gotta hate?

Sure, you had to pick
and Cassie’s probably safe
compared to others.

Still, my jaw just dropped
when I heard him say the line –
it stayed there a while

Cassie is my name –
legal name – not Cassandra.
Complete on its own.

So here’s the thing: Cassie is a cool but unusual name (or it was more unusual when I was growing up). And I was definitely teased for it – Lassie was a popular choice. [Note: I probably couldn’t be in elementary/middle/high school now because I’d want to give those kids the finger.]

I understand that the writers had to pick a name and that statistically there are probably fewer Cassies out there than most other names. And the character in question was trying to start a new life so using a name like … I don’t know … Rainbow calls too much attention or something. But it felt like a slap in the face from a no-name loser on the show. I guess if Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) had said it, I’d have been more ok with the whole thing.

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