Thankful Thursday (#13)


My little fuzzballs –
tiny furry children whomake my days brighter.

While I work from home
they sit at my feet or sleep
quietly in bed.

Chase curls in a ball
and sits atop Mt. Blanket,
relaxing all day.

Sleepy Mr. Chase

He sometimes has dreams,
creates a “Buh, buh, rrr” noise –
chasing some rabbits?

Pearl roams, looking for
the coolest or warmest spot –
or bird vantage point.

Snores under blankets,
little feet sticking out here,
a nose over there.

Sleeping Pearl sticks out her tongue

Sometimes during lunch
I’ll lay down to read a book –
Pearl cuddles with me.

Other times I’ll eat
and Chase snuggles up to me –
tries to steal my warmth.

We take morning walks
and evening walks to explore
our small area.

Though ridiculous,
these dogs are my companions –
bring much enjoyment.

Mr. Chase is a perv.


Today’s ‘Thankful Thursday’ is obviously dedicated to my ridiculous dogs, Chase and Pearl. I’m glad to have them with me while working from home to make the days a bit more fun!

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