Radical Reasons to Write Poetry by 12 Most


While perusing the ol’ Facebook last night, I found a great post from a website called 12 Most. It summarizes the “12 Most Radical Reasons to Write Poetry” and I found myself nodding as I read the list – so many of these rang true to me.

(I’m just summarizing how some of the reasons are true for me so if you want the full list and reasons for each, check out the post from 12 Most.)

  1. Brevity – when I write stories, I write a lot. (Probably when I write blogs I also write a lot, so thanks for hanging in there!) But poems require you to get to the point. Particularly haiku, I think, where you have a syllable count to stress over.
  2. Wit – That syllable count I mentioned above? It requires a bit of wordsmithing to achieve.
  3. Relationship – I am terrible at expressing feelings sometimes. If I had to write it out in a blog post or a story, it would be very difficult. (This is not that I don’t care, far from it – I just don’t know how to express that sometimes.) But with haiku I feel safe in sharing these things and tend to share them more often.
  4. Stress-relief – This one has been a bit unexpected for me, but it’s so cathartic to discuss things in poetry!
  5. Discipline – The syllable count! Like anything worthwhile, it can be a challenge, but so rewarding when you succeed.
  6. Humility – Writing more has put into focus how many fantastically talented writers are out there and how I have so much I could improve on.

Do any of these (or the other six from 12 Most’s list) ring true for you as well? Are there any that were unexpected side effects for you?

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