2015 Tournament of Books Quarterfinals: Match 3


It’s Monday, the start of a new week and a new match in the 2015 Tournament of Books quarterfinals! Today the challengers are Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer and An Untamed State by Roxane Gay.

'Annihilation' vs. 'An Untamed State' cover art

Annihilation is on my to-read list, along with the other books in the Southern Reach trilogy. I hadn’t heard of An Untamed State until the long, long list for the 2015 ToB was released. Based on comments from the judges both sound like they’re excellently crafted, though AUS sounds like it would be a difficult read based on the subject matter. (Not that it’s a reason to shy away from the book.)

You can check out the judge’s opinion and read full match commentary here. The ToB continues tomorrow with Redeployment vs. Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay. Have you read either of those and are you rooting for one over the other? Also, if you didn’t see my post last week, Powell’s is offering 30% off the 2015 ToB selections for a limited time!

*Quarterfinal Spoilers below!*

Here’s a list of the winners in the quarterfinals:

Match 1 – A Brief History of Seven Killings
Match 2 – The Paying Guests
Match 3 – An Untamed State

If the Zombie round were held right now, All The Light We Cannot See and Station Eleven would be resurrected.

In case it’s easier for you to visualize this in bracket form, here’s where things stand so far:

2015 ToB brackets - quarterfinals match 3

And here’s the list of all the opening round winners:

Day 1 – The Bone Clocks
Day 2 – A Brief History of Seven Killings
Day 3 – All The Light We Cannot See
Day 4 – The Paying Guests
Day 5 – Annihilation
Day 6 – An Untamed State
Day 7 – Redeployment
Day 8 – Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay

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