Lounging (a haiku)


Spread out the towel
tilt the front of the chair back –
now head for the pool.

The pool’s unheated
and cold despite the warm clime –
shiver getting in.

Taking my time now
I move forward cautiously –
finally under.

Resurface quickly –
I go to the ladder and
head back to my chair.

The sun’s rays from eight
minutes ago come to rest
on my exposed skin.

Lay down and relax,
close my eyes and melt away –
alone with my thoughts.

Then noises creep in –
the sound of a distant plane
somewhere overhead.

Wind caressing leaves
of surrounding palm trees; sounds
like soft paper chimes.

Conversation flows
softly from a lunching groupof retirees.

The creak of the chair
as I flip myself over
to keep things even.

A fly pesters me
landing here and walking there –
will not go away!

Cool breezes ruffle
small hairs on my arms and back –
’til the water dries.

Warmth from the sun sits
upon my face’s right side;
wet towel the left.

Approaching nearer:
landscapers with their machines,
trimming nearby shrubs.

I can trace their path
back and forth with my eyes shut –
the sounds carry well.

Finally I glance
at the time, I have to go –
lunch is now over.

Though three months from now
it’ll be too hot to think
right now it’s perfect!

Is it cruel to write a haiku about laying out by the pool when it’s so cold in many parts of the country? Possibly, though it’s not my intent. But you can rub it in when it’s 110º this summer in the Valley and I feel like I’m going to melt..

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