Wednesday’s Word (#16)


Happy Wednesday! Hopefully you’ve all hit your midweek stride. It’s been a lovely week in California (I mean, aside from that whole ‘drought’ business).

Anyway, this week’s word is…

cut off the top and branches of (a tree) to encourage new growth at the top (as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary).

I learned this word while reading All The Light We Cannot See. I’d never heard or read it before–to my knowledge, at least–so I looked it up. It was such an interesting description of the trees in the area that it immediately brought a vivid image to mind. In case you haven’t heard the word, here’s what trees cut this way look like:

A photo of a pollarded tree in Santa Cruz, CA.

“Pollard 1”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia.

I’ve seen trees cut like this while driving around and they tend to creep me out. I’m sure it’s fine for the trees but it kind of looks like they’re dead. Now if you’re out and about and see trees cut that way you too can know the proper terminology. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

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