Wednesday’s Word (#17)


Happy Wednesday! Since it’s now the midpoint in the week, it’s time for a new post about a fun word I want to share with you!

This week’s word is…



(adj.) Showing a lack of courage or determination; timid [according to the Oxford English Dictionary].

While driving home from work last night, this word popped into my brain. To be honest, I’d never heard the word before I purchased a Rutles album while in high school or college. It’s used in the song “Another Day“, which I like in general in spite/because of its being such a close copy/parody of “Martha My Dear” by the Beatles.

I definitely don’t feel that I’ve been pusillanimous in life recently! I’ve been taking on a lot of responsibility, working through some programming classes online, exercising, and balancing my work and personal lives. Still, it’s a fun word to say. Think of this ‘Wednesday’s Word’ as the opposite of which you should aspire.

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