Ode to Barre


That thing she’s holding on to is a ballet barre. This is not me or at all what I look like, particularly during barre class. (Image courtesy of thebeautybean.com.)

It’s amazing how
much my thighs can shake in barre –
and still hold me up.

Plie´, arabesque
attitude, sous sus, tendu –
I need to learn French?

After just one month
I’m seeing more muscle tone –
amazing results!

I really love that
my full body workout is
a dancer’s warmup.

To anyone who’s curious, you can look up what any of the ballet terms I listed mean on BalletHub.com. I thought about linking out to videos of someone demonstrating but they’re not all used in the same combinations in barre class as in ballet (or so it seemed). Plus I usually look much less graceful and much more sweaty so it seemed like a bait and switch.

Also, I currently go to classes at Cardio Barre and love them!  I’ve been to Pure Barre in the past and those were great too.

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