Thankful Thursday (#16)


It’s Thursday again which means time for another Thankful Thursday post. Today’s topic is…

my birthday! Or rather, today is my birthday so I’m going to list all the things I’m thankful for related to that.

Gif of Pusheen the cat eating birthday cake.

I’m thankful:

  • for paid time off – I got to take today and tomorrow off so I could have an extra-long birthday weekend!
  • for my awesome husband who is paying for me to get blonde highlights as my birthday gift! Just what I wanted.
  • for a whole day of pampering! After my hair appointment is done, I’m going to a spa to relax and get hand and foot massages/treatments!
  • that Starbucks is giving me a free birthday drink! I saved it for my actual birthday but you can use it at any point in your birthday month. (Here’s the info if you’re curious – not a referral link.)
  • that I get the car all day! (I generally work from home and we have one car so I’m often at home. Which is fine but…freedom!)
  • that I don’t have to cook all day! I already made tomorrow’s breakfast, I’ll get coffee at Starbucks, I’m treating myself to lunch, and we’re going out for dinner. Huzzah!
  • that my husband is taking Friday off so we can hang out all day! I’d like to drive up the coast [of California] a bit and maybe go on a hike but whatever we wind up doing will be fun!

Looking forward to a fun, relaxing, pampering weekend! What are you thankful for this week?

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