30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 3


30 Day Writing Challenge goals

Day 3: What are your top 3 pet peeves?

Wow. Seriously, only three? I could name three just from today alone. Well, here we go…

1. Lack of common courtesy. Ok, this probably makes me sound like an old fuddy-duddy (if you didn’t already think so, “fuddy-duddy” may have sealed the deal), this is absolutely my biggest pet peeve. It covers all manner of things, particularly: people not obeying leash laws for their dogs [or picking up after them]. People who bump into you and don’t apologize. People blaring their terrible Celine Dion/Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey/Sade jams late at night. People who are in the outer left-hand turn lane and decide that they want to make a u-turn or who stop traffic behind them because they have to get off the freeway right now. Ugh, get over yourselves.

2. Bad customer service. This drives me nuts, too. It’s really not hard to provide decent customer service, or even try to aim for good. I have things that I want to do in my free time but you know what’s not on that list? Waiting longer in your checkout line because you want to carry on a conversation with another customer. Standing in your checkout line and having to listen to you tell me how Starbucks is “the worst” coffee [and you know because you grew up in Seattle]. Getting different answers from different service reps at my mobile phone carrier when I call about the same problem or ultimately finding out that you made one of my phone lines more expensive arbitrarily when you discontinued my plan as opposed to me saving $10 per month. Having to call a doctor’s office to figuring out what the hell I’m being charged for in the first place and getting a bad attitude from the billing person. I get it, none of these jobs are fun and you may encounter a bunch of grumpy people but that’s not my fault! I didn’t make you take the job. So figure it out–find out a way to do what you enjoy or make peace with your fate. You can always find options but you may have to look.

3. US Politics. Our political system is such a giant mess that I’m sometimes amazed that the country still functions. The two parties fight over everything and it’s so black and white: “If Party X wins this battle then we lose!” If that’s the case, why do we bother teaching children about compromise? [Note: I don’t have kids so maybe people don’t teach them compromise anymore.] Listening to the political ads and the rhetoric and the pandering…I don’t understand why we can’t do better. I guess because people either don’t care or, like me, they feel that they are powerless to change the system.

Did you sense a theme there? Other people tend to annoy me a lot. I found out there’s a word for that not too long ago: misanthropy. So while I know there’s definitely good in the world, I sometimes feel like a misanthrope. [I don’t hate people though–that takes too much energy.]

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