30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 5


30 Day Writing Challenge goals

Day 5: List five places you want to visit.

Last year my husband and I visited London, England–our first international trip! While we definitely enjoyed it, it only made me want to travel more. Here are the top five places I’d love to visit.

1. New York City: I’ve been to NYC twice in high school/college and had fun visits both times. But my husband has never been and I haven’t visited in over a decade. I’d love to go back with him and explore the city!

2 . Portland, OR: We visited Seattle on our honeymoon and I’ve heard that Portland is supposed to be even better. Neither of us has been there–the only time we’d been in the Pacific Northwest was our honeymoon, actually–so this would be a fun adventure that’s a bit closer than NYC.

3. Japan: I think Japan would be a fascinating place to visit because it’s such a different culture, and one so much older than that of the United States. Plus they have some of the cutest animals in existence and squirrel gardens! Sign me up.

4. The Virgin Islands: The water is so clear and light blue, the sands look so pristine. I’ve never been anywhere tropical but the Virgin Islands looks exotic and relaxing, a perfect getaway.

5. Italy: There’s so much history and culture to explore in Italy, not to mention the amazing food. It would be neat to stay there for a while (a month? dare to dream!) and explore various cities and the countryside.

What about you? Where would you like to visit, given the opportunity?

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