Mosquitoes Just Suck

Mosquitoes: Y U No Suck My Fat?!

If this was the case, the bites might almost be worth it. Almost….

Mosquitoes, please die.
The bane of my existence;
vampiric devils!

Woke up this morning
with at least eleven bites;
appeared overnight.

As I walk, I feel
fabric brush against each bite–
delight or agony?

I have always been
a target for these evil drones;
sweet, sweet type O blood!

Despite heat and drought,
mosquitoes still thrive out here–
bringing their disease.

Do you provide good
out there in the world at large–
or just torture me?

One thought on “Mosquitoes Just Suck

  1. Blenda

    I don’t know where they actually provide good, but try to be open for suggestions.
    ……..Typically, no “Ms” on the deck and that’s a good thing. ..Lots of citronella !!


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