30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 14


30 Day Writing Challenge goals

Day 14: Post your favorite movies that you never get tired of watching.

These certainly aren’t the “best” movies or anything, but they’re the ones that amuse or touch me in some way.

Love Actually: particularly around the holidays. I usually watch it and have a good cry. Colin Firth…gahhh!

Moulin Rouge!: the first time I watched this movie, I was about 15 minutes late so the ending came as a complete shock to me. [Which it probably shouldn’t have if I’d been paying attention to the signs but you often don’t believe what you don’t want to believe.] I love this film for the colors, the sets, the wardrobe, the cast, the music, stylistic filming choices…every time I watch it, I find something new. It seems much bigger than the sum of its parts.

The Usual Suspects: I actually need to watch this again now that I’m thinking about it. It’s so good! The acting, particularly Kevin Spacey–superb!

The Original Star Wars trilogy: The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite of the three but I enjoy all of them. I remember galloping on all fours [yep] around my parents’ house when I was young, pretending that I was an AT-AT. (I didn’t know the name then, and I had to look it up just now, but it was gigantic and I wanted to be/have one.) Lots of good memories involving these movies and I still like them a lot more than the prequels. What the newer movies gain in flash they lost in charm.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?: My dad will have a good laugh about this one, I’m sure. I was in college when the movie was released and he would listen to the soundtrack on repeat. It’s a great soundtrack but I had papers to write! Anyway, this movie has a great cast and employs the perfectly subtle humor that I enjoy. Here’s a link to the “Man of Constant Sorrow” video – you’re welcome! 🙂

Psycho: A masterpiece! I read about the struggle Alfred Hitchcock encountered trying to make this–and having to do so on a shoestring budget–and was quite surprised. Apparently it was quite racy for its time, which doesn’t completely translate to modern times, but the horror you feel while watching it is still very real. [Unless you need lots of blood and gore, such as in modern “torture porn” series like Saw and Hostel.]

Fargo: Two from the Coen brothers! I love this movie and the recent TV series (which tells a similar but different story from the movie). The Coen brothers’ writing, and the actors they cast, just amuse me.

The Shawshank Redemption: I don’t often search this movie out because I swear it’s on TBS/TNT every weekend at least once. That said, if I find it while flipping through channels, I will often stop to watch it. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman are superb and the feelings they elicit…. This is absolutely my favorite Stephen King book turned into a movie.

Sherlock (BBC): I know, I know…this isn’t a movie at all, but each “episode” is long enough to be its own movie and this is my list, so there! I’ve watched each episode of this series at least twice, some four times. Well-written and acted throughout the series. I can’t ever really decide whether Sherlock, Watson, or Moriarty is my favorite character of the bunch–the actors play off each other superbly! I can’t wait until December for the holiday special, but then we begin the long wait until season/series four films and eventually airs.

That’s all I can really think of at the moment. What movies can you watch over and over and never tire of?

2 thoughts on “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 14

  1. Blenda

    Many of the same, and not just because I live with your father!!
    Also some older movies, The African Queen, Westward the Women, Casablanca and Band of Angels, just to name a few. 🙂


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