30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 19


30 Day Writing Challenge goals

Day 19: Discuss your first love.

I’d always enjoyed reading and writing, but I never threw myself into anything the way I did with music. Music was my first love. I’m sure that this writing challenge wanted me to talk about a person but that would be untrue in my case.

Music gave me a purpose–I was too uncoordinated (and uninterested…that was probably the larger issue) to be much good in sports.

Music helped me gain some patience. [I said “some”, not a lot.] Having to practice things over and over at various speeds until you’ve nailed it takes dedication and patience. I think it also helped with my problem-solving skills, or maybe my problem-solving skills helped me be better at music.

But mostly music gave me an outlet to express myself. I’ve never been very good at expressing non-anger emotions (sadness, etc.) but music made that a reality. Just find a song and it can say everything for you without saying anything at all. [Which is possibly avoiding the problem but that’s not the point!]

While I no longer play, I certainly appreciate all the years of training that shaped me into who I am today. Music helped me see that there was a world beyond my hometown, and introduced me to a lot of insanely talented and interesting people.

One thought on “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 19

  1. Blenda

    Music is such an important part in the life of so many people, myself included.
    And, just think…you could still play if you chose to. You may need to re-learn portions of it, but when you have it, you’ve got it.


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