Get the Number Right!


DING-DONG!! Wide awake,
siting straight up in my bed;
who the hell is that?

ROO ROO ROO! Dogs bark,
annoyed at being awoken;
not the only ones!

It’s 2:45–
who the hell is at the door?
We don’t want any.

Knock knock. ROO ROO ROO!!
Sleepy, we emerge from bed;
head to the front door.

My husband opens
the front door only to hear:
“Oops, wrong apartment.”

“Oops, wrong apartment,”
isn’t what we want to hear;
you just woke us up!

So next time, confirm
you’re at the right apartment–
and leave us alone.

This actually happened to us last night. As if the doorbell wasn’t startling enough, the dogs barking nearly gave me a heart attack. My sleepy brain automatically thought, “It’s the end times and someone is here to loot and pillage!” (Too much Game of Thrones reading?)
The guy who spoke to my husband–but didn’t actually apologize for waking us up–was with two women. They were wearing high heels and clomping around on the stairs and in the hallway. WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT 2:45am?!

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