30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 24


30 Day Writing Challenge goals

Day 24: Write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way.

I’ve learned a ton since moving out to California on my own 13 years ago. (Time flies!) I lived at home throughout college and I didn’t have to grow up, in a lot of ways, until I left the comfort of my parents’ house. One important lesson, though it was hard to understand at the time, was the value of not having my parents pay for routine bills for me once I was working full-time.

Don’t get me wrong–my parents are awesome! They definitely helped me out at some critical points when I needed the support. But I had boyfriend and some coworkers whose parents paid for LOTS of things for them: car payment, car insurance, rent, etc. These people weren’t living at home, where this might make sense; in some cases they were across the country like me.

I have to admit I was jealous at times. It’s a bummer to not be able to buy stupid things right when you want them–clothes or music or whatever–because you have to pay rent. It’s that much more of a bummer when others who are in a similar work situation are able to do more because they don’t have to pay for as many things out of their own pockets.

Age brings wisdom; I’m now so thankful that I had to pay for most things on my own. I’ve learned what’s really important and how to work for what I want. Life isn’t fair but hard work is usually rewarded. I’m much more independent and successful than some of the others I was jealous of years ago because I wasn’t allowed to just sit around. Some things that seem like an advantage are actually detrimental to your growth.

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