Thankful Thursday (#18)


Poor ‘Thankful Thursday’ has been neglected because I’ve been busy–life happens! But I’m fixing that today with a new haiku. It’s an ode to one of the best features in our apartment: air conditioning.

'fan central' image by Mike McCune

fan central‘ by Mike McCune is licensed under CC by 2.0.
[This is how I feel after I get back inside to beat the heat, too.]

Air conditioner
without you I’d not exist;
melt in a puddle.

When temperatures
reach 80 by 9am,
days are punishing.

I only like to
sweat when I’m exercising–
not sitting inside.

Luckily you’re here
mitigating all that heat;
faithful companion.

Your cool breezes blow,
softly swirling all around;
make life bearable.

When I go outside:
“How do people live like this?!”
Hurry, close the door!

So thank you, good sir,
for staving off the dog days–
sweating’s not my look.

Although it has been slightly cooler the last few days thanks to the blessed marine layer/fog/whatever, I’m quite thankful to have this lovely contraption in my life! It’s still plenty hot.
What are you thankful for this week?

One thought on “Thankful Thursday (#18)

  1. Blenda

    On nearly the other side of the Country, I’m thankful for sunshine. The last couple of days, Michigan has been hit with rain and clouds. But now, if as promised, we’re going to get six or seven days of SUNSHINE!! 🙂 Spring here has been soooooooo up and down. I hope the weather is now finally going to get into Summer.
    However, life is good.
    I’m also very thankful for you!!


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