Crazy Squirrel


A quick burst of speed
A flash of light brown
Oh, crazy squirrel
Won’t you please settle down?

You could climb up the tree
Far out of reach
My dogs couldn’t get you
They’re both on a leash.

You cross the sidewalk
And get to the tree
Instead of climbing
You once again flee.

Cross the sidewalk again,
You do a few flips
Barely inches away from
My dogs’ slobbering lips.

You scamper up onto
A slab of concrete
Then run into the bushes
Your journey complete.

My dogs were confused
I’ll admit, so was I
Oh crazy squirrel
Were you trying to die?

We completed our walk
With relative ease
I find myself thankful
You didn’t give us rabies.

This is the squirrel’s trajectory. Blue arrows indicate where he started and his first stop. Red arrows indicated his second path during his run. The yellow circles are where he spun around in a bush right next to us and then the yellow arrow is where he fled after that. I am the smiley face and my dogs are in front of me. There weren’t any squirrel icons so…I picked a random monster. You get the idea.

One thought on “Crazy Squirrel

  1. Blenda

    Cute……..Dad and I have been enjoying the squirrels and chipmunks in the back yard. They’re so fast and sometimes they jump from tree to tree. They’re a hoot!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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