Thankful Thursday (1/7/16)



The holidays are over, a new year has begun and, for me, that means getting back on track with my calorie and nutrition goals. As technology advances, I’m constantly impressed with its ability to make my life easier – and that includes in areas of nutrition and fitness. Here are some haikus about fitness-related things I’m thankful for this week.


Oh, MyFitnessPal
You let me track calories
and view my macros. 1

How can people stand
writing all of that junk down?
It would hurt my hand!

Plus the website gives
you much more information –
and it’s all for free! 2

Garmin Vivofit 3

Blessed Vivofit
You let me know how much I’ve
walked or am lacking.

If I exceed goals
You will slowly increase them –
Such a sneaky minx!

Bathroom scale

Random bathroom scale
We’ve had you so many years –
cracks and scratches mar.

Despite this, you work
Though you’ll prob’ly be replaced
Before season’s end.

1 “Macros” is short for macronutrients, specifically carbohydrates, fat, and protein. I found a good (although wordy) post about macronutrients and why they’re important on the McKinley Health Center website.

2 Technically there’s a paid version of MyFitnessPal as well, and that gives you even more information, but I find that the free version works well enough for me.

3 There are a ton of fitness trackers, smart watches, and other “wearables” on the market right now and I’m sure dozens more will be introduced over the next year and beyond [at least until we’re just directly plugged into the mainframe]. I just happen to have the Garmin Vivofit right now, and I do like that it increases my step goal based on my much I exceeded the previous day’s goal. I kind of have my eye on the Moto 360 Sport as an upgrade but maybe something better will be out before I get one. There’s always great new tech right around the corner.

What are you thankful for this week?

One thought on “Thankful Thursday (1/7/16)

  1. Blenda

    Thankful that “Christmas” is almost back in the boxes…still some to go though. It was a great season, but I’m really thankful for getting back to real life….not so much race!!

    Also thankful that I’m not in the hospital when I have two friends that are. The season taking a toll on so many people !!


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